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“My eyes aren’t what they used to be” is a statement commonly made by people as they grow older. Often, this change in vision is due to the clouding of the once clear lens in your eye, also called cataract formation.

Common Cataract Symptoms

  1. Increased Sensitivity to Glare
  2. Changes in Appearance of Colors
  3. Reduced Night Vision
  4. Haloes Around Lights

The good news is that vision loss caused by cataracts in the early stages can be compensated for by a change in prescription and addition of an anti-reflective coating on the lenses to reduce the glare caused by cataracts. Most cataracts take many years to grow into a serious problem and at Gold Circle we can monitor their progression through a dilated eye exam. As vision deteriorates when cataracts become more dense, we can serve as primary care advisors for cataract surgery and co-manage the quick painless surgical procedure to replace the cloudy lens with a clear artificial one, dramatically restoring your eyesight.